Analytical electronic laboratory notebook for discovery & QC


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Analytical electronic laboratory notebook for discovery & QCWaters® SDMS Vision Publisher™ is an extended capability of the NuGenesis® Scientific Data Management System which adapts to support existing free-flow or process driven workflows. SDMS Vision Publisher allows structured scientific documents to be easily created from predefined templates. Add selected content by interactively or automatically extracting information from NuGenesis SDMS, Empower™, and MassLynx™ Software, or other applications. With SDMS Vision Publisher, you can create queries against single or multiple databases to locate data that otherwise could take hours or days to find looking through paper documentation. Additional features and benefits include: Work with Microsoft Excel in a compliant-ready environment; Pre-formatted SOP worksheets for common pharmaceutical QC tests; Automate routine calculations; Drag-and-drop documents such as PDFs or Microsoft Word; Compare and contrast results from different analytical techniques and vendors; Make decisions faster in an operationally consistent environment and certified to support the SAFE BioPharma™ digital identity and signature standard. Click here for product details.

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