Biomarkers of Drug Efficacy and Toxicity: Novel MS Approaches


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This session will include six presentations on various topics involving biomarkers and mass spectrometry approaches.

This session will include six presentations on various topics involving biomarkers and mass spectrometry approaches.

The first presentation in the session will be given by Bingyun Sun of Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, Canada) and is titled “Quantitative Glycoproteomics for Drug Toxicity Diagnosis in Blood.” Sun will demonstrate that blood proteomics is an effective means to investigate the organ-level coordinated response in complex toxicity responses.

The next talk, to be delivered by Min Du of Berg Diagnostics (Boston, Massachusetts), is titled “The Berg Interrogative Biology® Platform: AI-Based Multi-“Omic” Analytical Engine Used in Identification of Novel Molecular Markers Associated with Drug-Induced Cardiotoxicity” and will present the application of the Berg platform using in-vitro models combined with high-throughput mass spectrometry, functional endpoint assays, and a complex artificial intelligence based, data driven computational tool for biomarker identification in a model of drug-induced cardiotoxicity.

Brian L. Hood of the Women's Health Integrated Research Center (Annandale, Virginia) will present the next talk, “Integrated Molecular Analysis of Cisplatin Resistance in Ovarian Cancer.” Hood’s presentation will discuss the analysis of an ovarian cancer cell line, A2780, and the isogenic cisplatin resistant line, A2780-CP20 in which key regulators and signaling pathways that confer cisplatin resistance were identified with high resolution mass spectrometry-based global proteomics.

The fourth presentation in the session, “Dynamics of Degradation: Monitoring Changes in Protein Turnover Rates in Relation to Chemoresistance,” will be delivered by Juan Chavez of the University of Washington (Seattle, Washington). The presentation will discuss the first application of SILAC to measure and compare protein turnover rates relative to chemoresistance in cancer cells.

The penultimate presentation will be given by Petia Shipkova of Bristol Myers Squibb (Princeton, New Jersey) and is titled “Metabolomic Screening for Toxicological and Efficacy Markers in Drug Discovery.” The talk will discuss the screening strategy for routine metabolomic evaluation of toxicological and efficacy markers in drug discovery and the application of their proposed workflow to more than 10 different drug discovery programs and more than 20 potential drug candidates.

Finally, Oliver Poetz of NMI (Reutlingen, Germany) will present “Monitoring Drug Metabolizing Enzymes — Immuno MRM of CYP 3A4, 3A5, 3A7 and MDR1 Using One Antibody.” This presentation will discuss immunoaffinity MS-based quantification of drug-metabolizing enzymes using motif specific antibodies.

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