The EVOLUTE? EXPRESS range of 96-well SPE plates combine powerful EVOLUTE sorbent chemistry with innovative features that enhance productivity by optimizing and even eliminating the need for some traditional SPE procedural steps.

EVOLUTE® EXPRESS, is a novel family of 96-well plates that simplify polymer-based SPE by employing a streamlined 3-step protocol; Load-Wash-Elute. By using this approach and removing the conditioning and equilibration steps, necessary with traditional bio-analytical SPE procedures, processing and method development times are dramatically reduced without loss of analyte recovery or method robustness.

The EVOLUTE® EXPRESS design provides a uniform flow in the processing of aqueous samples and eliminates the need to re-run samples due to well-clogging. This clear flow technology makes EVOLUTE® EXPRESS particularly efficient and effective when used with SPE automated systems whilst adding a distinct advantage by allowing consistent, rapid and reliable manual processing of the plates.

The new plates address a real concern for many analysts who have to re-run samples due to well-clogging and sample variability. EVOLUTE® EXPRESS simplifies sample preparation, promoting high throughput and reliability. The minimal 3-step approach of Load-Wash-Elute considerably improves the way SPE is performed and offers significant time savings for all bio-analysis labs.

EVOLUTE® EXPRESS 96-well plates are packed with polymer-based EVOLUTE® chemistries (ABN, CX, WCX, AX and WAX) to address most application needs, and a new sorbent selection plate for screening and method development has been added.

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