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Wide pH variations or high temperatures are tough conditions for a silica based HPLC column. Kromasil Eternity, with its organic/inorganic interfacial gradient on the matrix, can longer withstand such conditions.

Based on the ever increasing demand on HPLC-, and UHPLC-columns, Kromasil Eternity is developed on a new generation of porous Kromasil silica particles, 2.5 and 5.0 µm. The technology implemented leads to the formation of an organo-silica particle. The organic/inorganic interfacial gradient towards its surface ensures a long lifetime for this analytical silica matrix under a wide pH range: 2 – 12. Subsequent functionalization and end-capping of the organo-silica particle is performed using well known chlorosilane based chemistry, providing a material suited for most demanding separations.

The Eternity platform is, at the moment, available as Eternity C18 and PhenylHexyl. Eternity C18 is a long lasting product even under tough pH conditions as well as at high temperatures. Eternity PhenylHexyl provides you with an alternative selectivity compared to a traditional alkyl chain phase or a polar embedded phase, especially with aromatic analytes.

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