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Shimadzu’s new-GC-2025 capillary gas chromatograph minimizes environmental impact by reducing power and carrier gas consumption while retaining the performance required for capillary analysis. The GC-2025 incorporates a digital flow controller managing both carrier and detector gases, and a newly designed energy-saving column oven featuring small volume with less heating loss, bringing a dramatic improvement in operability. The compact GC-2025 provides eco-friendly, high value performance.

30 % Reduced Power Consumption
GC-2025 eliminates heat losses through high-performance insulation in the oven and smaller GC size with reduction of heat capacity. The energy-saving heater reduces the power consumption required for programmed temperature analysis by approximately 30 % in comparison to the previous GC-2010 Plus model.

Carrier Gas Saver Function
Since helium is a valuable and expensive source, it is economic to save helium carrier gas used as the sample mobile phase. Carrier gas consumption is reduced during analysis using split sample injection by lowering the split ratio to decrease the amount of carrier gas discharged outside the split circuit.

Auto-stop function / Auto-start function
The auto-stop and auto-start functions help to save operating costs. The automatic shutdown function stops the temperature control after GC analysis to save power. Furthermore, it stops the control of the detector and carrier gases after a set time. If the automatic start-up function is used, gas control will be started after a set time; temperature control will start subsequently.

Compact design - Effective use of laboratory space
Instruments with a small footprint use laboratory space effectively. The compact GC-2025 incorporates all the functions required for normal capillary analysis. The small-capacity oven accommodates the shape of commercially available capillary columns.

Excellent basic performance
The flow-rate of carrier gas and detector gas is controlled digitally for best repeatability. With its high-sensitivity FID it supports trace analysis from various application fields, (e.g., environmental analysis). The good cost/performance ratio makes the GC-2025 a valuable investment for any laboratory.

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