Eco-label tags "Environmentalists" systems


Shimadzu product profile

In Europe four Shimadzu product series carry the eco-label representing the company’s multi-levelled energy saving program. The GCMS-QP2010 Ultra and SE and the LC-20AP systems, as well as the new GC-2025 and the TOC-L series feature the eco-label. It tags only the most energy efficient instruments which meet the highest environmental standards. Users profit from lower running and maintenance costs and less energy spending.

The eco-labelled systems save between 25 and 40% energy. Furthermore, materials consumption is lower, operational costs are less and the CO2 emissions have been reduced. More environmentalists systems are already in the production pipeline.

The GCMS-QP2010 Ultra features an eco-mode for stand-by operation allowing a lower total cost of ownership with less environmental stress. The GC-2025’s power consumption is reduced by 30% for programmed temperature analysis in comparison to other GC models. The energy consumption of the TOC-L series has been reduced by 36% (100 V) and 43% (200 V) in comparison with conventional Shimadzu models (assuming 8 hours opera-tion/day × 5 days/week).

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