Edwards acoustic enclosure


Edwards new easy to install acoustic enclosure can reduce your vacuum pump?s noise level by up to 7dBA.

Edwards, leading vacuum equipment manufacturer for the scientific industries, has launched a new acoustic enclosure for its popular EM and RV rotary vane pumps. The enclosure reduces the noise level of each pump by up to seven dBA, enabling you to work in a significantly quieter environment.

The enclosure incorporates an acoustic foam lining to reduce noise and has been designed to ensure sound is dissipated efficiently. The new enclosure houses any Edwards EM and RV pump ranging up to the E2M28 series and is fully compatible with Edwards inlet traps and exhaust mist filters when these are fitted with extension spools.

The compact enclosure is assembled or disassembled simply, without tooling, which makes the pump easy to access. A removable front panel enables quick access to the oil sight glass and if required, a side panel can be removed to allow access to the oil filler cap. Oil can be drained without having to remove the pump. The enclosure has castor wheels and brakes for easy manoeuvring.

Integrated cooling fans maintain the optimum pump running temperature and an over-temperature buzzer alarm with battery back-up will ensure your pump is run in a benign environment. Visit us for more information and to download the data sheet.


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