Five new stationary phases for BlueOrchid UHPLC columns


Knauer Product Profile

KNAUER introduced five new stationary phases for its BlueOrchid 1.8 µm columns, extending the range of available selectivities to a total of twelve.

The new BlueOrchid UHPLC columns include C4, SAX, HILIC, PAL-HILIC phases and an amino phase.

BlueOrchid columns are designed to provide high efficiency and stability, making them the ideal choice for demanding applications. All BlueOrchid columns are packed with 1.8 μm particles and feature a very narrow particle size distribution resulting in one of the lowest column back pressures in its class. BlueOrchid columns also offer outstanding peak symmetry, even for basic compounds.

These new BlueOrchid columns now make it possible to use UHPLC for fast separation of proteins and peptides, small organic molecules such as nucleotides and organic acids, highly hydrophilic compounds, anionic species and other polar compounds, as well as sugars and carbohydrates.

KNAUER, Berlin, Germany,

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Toby Astill | Image Credit: © Thermo Fisher Scientific