Get more speed and more resolution on any HPLC instrument

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Get consistent results and more efficiency from Agilent Poroshell 120 columns

Poroshell 120 provides the higher resolution and faster separations for a complete range of small molecules. Made with a solid 1.7 µm core, and a 0.5 µm outer shell, for a total particle size of 2.7 µm, Poroshell 120 columns give chromatographers the speed and resolution of sub-2 µm columns, but with significantly less backpressure — usually less than 400 bar.

Poroshell 120 offers:
• Superior reproducibility based on a NEW single-step porous shell manufacturing process
• Performance like a sub-2 µm column but up to 50% less back pressure
• A standard 2 µm frit to resist plugging with dirty samples
• Flexibility to work on any HPLC or UHPLC
• Agilent's reliable column performance, R&D and technical support


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