High pressure gradient and LC set offers full UHPLC control


Spark Holland Product Profile

Spark Holland has introduced the UHPLC-SA LC Set – offering extended features and unrivalled UHPLC performance for the compact, stackable Alias™ autosampler and newly released SPH1240 pumpset.

The Alias autosampler offers an injection volume from 1 to 10000 µL. Efficient, multi-solvent needle wash virtually eliminates carry-over. The system handles two high or low well plates or 48 (2 x 48) sample vials, either open or sealed, and provides true 4°C sample cooling.

The optimised SPH 1240 pump offers a built in degasser, solvent storage and delivers a high pressure gradient of 1240 bar (18,000 psi) at rates of up to 5 ml/min. Accurate flow delivery combined with dedicated adjustment of mixing volume and compressibility compensation guarantee a rapid and reproducible gradient – critical to realise the high separation speed and resolution of UHPLC.

An optional column oven (5 to 95°C) is available and the system is upgradable to a Symbiosis online SPE system.

The Analyst™ driver, version 1.4.1 and higher, is available for the SPH 1240 pump in combination with the Alias autosampler, using Analyst security settings and Analyst audit trail settings. All LC information is recorded per chromatogram in the *.wiff file. Control is also available through the SparkLink™ 4.10 software platform, using the SPH 1240 pump as a stand-alone or in combination with the Alias. Clarity software will soon be available.


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Toby Astill | Image Credit: © Thermo Fisher Scientific
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