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Introducing the flexible Contichrom® lab process equipment

Introducing the flexible Contichrom® lab process equipment

Contichrom® lab is a preparative 2-column liquid chromatography system designed for discovery, process development and scale-up, offering great flexibility for all process choices (batch, SMB, MCSGP, multi-column) using a single equipment and control software.

Fast process development for an optimized process is being achieved by omitting large screening efforts and instead starting from a simple non-optimized batch process that is switched to a superior MCSGP process by the user-friendly Contichrom® lab control software.

The MCSGP process principle uses twin columns instead of one, whereby the impure side fractions containing product are recycled internally extracting all product, thereby increasing both yield and purity by 50% at a 10-fold throughput increase and 70% buffer reduction.

All standard resin and column formats (RP, HIC, IEX, SEC) can be used from low-high pressure with full solvent compatibility.

Contichrom® lab has been designed to be very user-friendly employing software that helps the user to navigate through the process setup, execution and reporting, being 21CFR part 11 compliant.

Is your LC purification system equally adaptable?

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