HPLC 2009 Monday Afternoon


What's going on in Dresden?

Monday’s afternoon sessions will kick off with David McCalley, Karl-Siegfried Boos and Stephan Lamotte, as well as D. Belder delivering parallel troubleshooting tutorials on how to obtain good peak shapes and efficiencies when using reversed phase and hydrophilic interaction separations, how to overcome problems in bioanalytical LC–MS–MS and how to overcome obstacles related to the miniaturization of separation processes respectively.

Heinz Engelhart, Karl-Siegfried Boos and Frank Steiner then chair parallel sessions on the work of Barry Karger, Clinical Analysis and a second series of lectures on Fundamental Aspects of HPLC.

Highlights of the Barry Karger sessions include Wolfgang Lindner on the hope (or hype) attached to HILIC-type selectivities, Frantisek Foret on the potential of nanotechnology in bioanalysis and Andras Guttman on new developments in fluorescent isotope coded affinity tag (FCAT) labelling of tryptic peptides. Wolfgang Gotzinger closes the event with his findings on achiral purification of small molecules by SFC and role of MS-directed purification.

Topics in the Clinical Analysis session include selective ESI-MS pre-column derivitization reagents for screening aldehyde biomarkers by Hubertus Irth, Molarino on assessing renal function for potential kidney donation using iothalamate quantification using UPLC–MS–MS, Ron Majors on trends in sample prep and Rosa Morello on in-line processing of whole blood using SPE-LC–MS–MS.

The second part of the Fundamental Aspects series kicks off with Gert Desmet critically appraising Giddings and general rate plate height models, Torgny Fornsted on accurate in-depth characterization of analytical and preparative phase systems, Kanji Miyabe will discuss a numerical method to analyse tailing peak profiles and A. de Villiers will discuss the effect of analyte properties on the kinetic performance of LC separations.

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