HPLC 2009 Tuesday Afternoon


The Tuesday afternoon sessions of HPLC 2009

Bruno Bolinger, Guenther Bonn and Rainer Bischoff will present tutorials on Validating Analytical Methods, Modern Stationary Phase Technologies and Biomarker Discovery and Validation.

The Tuesday afternoon sessions chaired by Michael Lammerhoffer, Guenther Bonn and Marja Lisa Riekkola on Column Technology, Industrial Analysis and Biopharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis will then begin.

Uwe Neue describes a new world of UHPLC and HILIC application in the first Column Technology lecture. This will be followed by Judi Abia on radial heterogeneity of some analytical columns used in HPLC. Andrew Shalliker will discuss the importance of column bed heterogeneity and viscosity contrast for solute elution profiles. Christian Huck will close this session by describing the importance of the simultaneous determination of physical and chemical parameters of porous polymers with a combined use of Fourier-Transform near infrared diffuse reflection spectroscopy with multivariate techniques.

The Industrial Analysis lectures comprise John Frenz on the challenges in the manufacture and characterization of inactivated yeast therapeutic vaccines, Franka Kalman on the use of molecular CE to develop robust and reliable industrial biopharmaceutical test methods, Dell Farnan on multi-product charge heterogeneity profiling of recombinant monoclonal antibodies using PH gradient ion exchange chromatography and G. Choudray on the analytical characterization of inhalable powders.

The Biopharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis session starts with Rui Zhao on the characterization of human plasma intact peptides and LMW proteins and their modifications using HELC–FT-MS–MS–UStags, followed by Rayane Mohamed on a comprehensive analytical strategy for the structural identification of biomarkers in biofluids. Melina Quaglia will describe work on LC–MS for absolute protein quantification and Djuro Josic closes with a seminar on proteomics as a tool for the optimization of human plasma-derived therapeutic proteins.

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