HPLC 2009 Wednesday Afternoon


The last of our HPLC 2009 show dailies

To begin the afternoon Robert Kennedy, Fritz Emi and Paola Dugo will present tutorials on Process Scale Batch and Continuous Chromatographic Separations, Quality by Design and Principles and Applications of Speciation Analysis.

The tutorials will then be followed by the afternoon’s sessions on Monoliths, Quality by Design and LC–MS and CE–MS by Frantisek Svek, Fritz Erni and Gerard Hopfgartner.

Nobua Tanaka discusses high efficiency monolithic silica capillary columns in the first lecture of the Monoliths sessions. Fabrice Gritti then discusses mass transfer in monolithic columns with different average pore sizes followed by a lecture by Karin Cabrera on the influence of the macro- and mesopore size on the performance of monolithic HPLC columns. Emily Hilder closes the session with a talk on improving the performance of polymer monoliths to separate small molecules.

The Quality by Design sessions begins with a keynote lecture on QbD and analytical methods for European companies by Mathias Pohl followed by a talk on the impact of the new ICH quality paradigm on the European Pharmacopoeia. Christoph Meyer gives his views on QbD for HPLC from the perspective of the pharmaceutical industry and Imre Molnar reveals his approach to QbD involving HPLC method development.

The session on LC–MS and CE–MS starts with Yehia Mechref on multiple reaction monitoring LC–MS for the monosacharride compositional analysis of glycoproteins followed by a lecture on ultrahigh-resolution MS in fast LC coupling for the analysis of complex mixtures. Pierangela Palma discusses matrix effects when using LC–MS with direct EI interface and Julian Schappler closes the session with a talk on blood doping with HBOC using CE-UV–ESI-TOF-MS.

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