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As HPLC 2011 in Budapest is the first HPLC show since Thermo?s acquisition of Dionex, the company has been using the show to showcase a new expanded chromatography portfolio.

As HPLC 2011 in Budapest is the first HPLC show since Thermo’s acquisition of Dionex, the company has been using the show to showcase a new expanded chromatography portfolio. Among the range of instruments, software and consumables on display is the newly launched Accucore HPLC column range.

"By combining the rich heritage of the existing Thermo Scientific and Dionex chromatography offerings with our new offerings being launched at HPLC, Thermo Fisher is giving customers an even more comprehensive portfolio of chromatography instruments, consumables, software, services and applications expertise," said Greg Herrema, president, analytical instruments at Thermo Fisher Scientific. "The new capabilities presented at HPLC are creating greater possibilities for scientists worldwide, making analyses more comprehensive and ensuring optimal speed, sensitivity and versatility."

The company’s new column range, on display at the show, combines Core Enhanced Technology and the company’s experience in phase bonding and packing, to provide a chromatography solution that the company claims will enhance laboratory workflow and efficiency by providing increased sensitivity and peak resolution.

Also at HPLC 2011, Waters has been showing off the new ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System, the company’s highest performing UPLC system. According to the company, the system features low system dispersion and low carryover; low dispersion maximizes peak capacity thereby advancing chromatographic separations and optimizing the performance of any mass spectrometer.

“The scientific discoveries with the biggest potential to improve our lives often rely on samples and compounds that are the most difficult to understand. The ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System was designed specifically for the rapid pace of laboratories on the cutting edge of research,” said Art Caputo, president of the Waters Division. “Design and function of the I-Class are based on continuous customer input resulting in improvements in sub-two-micron separation that only the originator of the technology can exploit.”

During the show itself, Waters unveiled a suite of capabilities within one Apple iPad application that it reports ensures customers can quickly and easily choose the most appropriate sample plates, vials and filters in a matter of seconds.

"We are very excited to leverage the mobile communication technology that is becoming more important in today's laboratory environment," said Dr Mark Baynham, director, channel management at Waters. "Many of our customers are extending the use of mobile devices into their professional lives, including laboratory management. The initial app has been designed specifically for the iPad platform and sets the stage for future innovative tools designed for lab scientists."

To download and install the Waters iPad app, visit http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/waters-part-selector/id438689024?mt=8&ls=1

For more information about other new products at HPLC, look out for the August issue of LCGC Europe or visit www.thermoscientific.com and www.waters.com/iclass

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Toby Astill | Image Credit: © Thermo Fisher Scientific