HPLC 2017 Monday Morning Sessions


HPLC 2017 Monday Morning Sessions

Session Title: Characterization of HPLC Stationary Phases - In Memory of Jack Kirkland (FUN 1)

Chairs: Barry L. Karger and Joe DeStefano

08:30 -Attila Felinger: Mass Transfer Properties of Zwitterionic Chiral Stationary Phases
09:00 -Barry Boyes: Improving Biomolecule Separations with Superficially Porous Silica Particles
09:20 -Joseph Glajch: Characterization of HPLC Stationary Phases: How This Can Lead to Novel and Improved Chromatography
09:40 -Martin Gilar: Experimental Evaluation of Microfluidic LC Column Performance: Straight Versus Serpentine Channels


Session Title: Ion Mobility in LCMS (HYP 1)

Chairs: Alexander Makarov and Karel Lemr

08:30 -Gérard Hopfgartner: Differential Mobility Spectrometry - Mass Spectrometry as an Orthogonal Separation Dimension for Omics
09:00 -Oliver Schmitz: LC+LC- and GC+GC-IM-qTOF-MS as a Potential Tool in Non-Target Analysis
09:20 -Alexey Makarov: Using IMS-MS Combined with Size-Exclusion Chromatography and Differential Hydrogen–Deuterium Exchange for Semi-Automated Screen of Global Protein Conformational Changes in Solution
09:40 -Qiang Ma: Comprehensive Separation and Analysis of Nonionic Surfactants by Ultra-High Performance Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Combined with Ion Mobility Spectrometry-Mass Spectrometry


Session Title: Forensics, Doping, and Toxicology (APP 1)

Chairs: Gerhard Scriba and Christian Klampfl

08:30 -Mario Thevis: Testing Non-Approved Substances Using Alternative Matrices and Liquid Chromatography / High- and Low-Resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Doping Controls
09:00 -Andreas Thomas: Doping Control Analysis of Prohibited Peptide Drugs After Sophisticated Metabolism Studies by Means of Liquid Chromatography Coupled to HR-MS/MS
09:20 -Federico Ponzetto: Exploring Blood Steroidomics for the Improvement of the Athlete Biological Passport Steroidal Module
09:40 -Marieke De Boeck: Validation of a Fast Ionic Liquid-Based Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Procedure Combined with LC–MS/MS Analysis for the Quantification of Benzodiazepines in Whole Blood


 Session Title: 2D-LC (YOU 1)

Chairs: Paula Dugo and Bob Pirok

08:30 -Mark Schure: Two-Dimensional Chromatography: A Tutorial
09:10 -Renata Gerhardt: Chip-Based HPLC with an Integrated Droplet Interface for Surface Enhanced Raman Detection
09:22 -Elisenda Fornells: Membrane Evaporative Interface for LCxLC
09:34 -Nikoline Juul Nielsen: Increasing Flexibility in Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography by Pulsed Elution of the First Dimension (Pulsed-Elution 2D-LC)
09:46 -Douglas Richardson: Two-Dimentional LC for Analysis of Monoclonal Antibody During Bioprocess Development




Session Title: Multi-Dimensional Separations (FUN 2)

Chairs: Kelly Zhang and Dwight Stoll

10:30 -Peter J. Schoenmakers: Multi-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography – Towards a Million Peaks
11:00 -Mark Schure: Size Exclusion Chromatography with Superficially Porous Particles
11:20 -Bob Pirok: Extended Multi-Dimensional Liquid-Chromatography Systems for Comprehensive Analysis of Complex Polymeric Nanoparticles
11:40 -Andre de Villiers: Pareto-Optimisation of HILIC×RP-LC Separations: Experimental Verification and Application to Phenolic Analysis


Session Title: Ion Suppression and Matrix-Effects in Separation – MS (HYP 2)

Chairs: Mario Thevis and Oliver Schmitz

10:30 -Jean-Luc Veuthey: Evaluation of Matrix Effects in HILIC, RPLC and SFC-MS
11:00 -Lucie Nováková: Development of UHPSFC-MS Method for High-Throughput Analysis of Vitamin E Isomers and Evaluation of Matrix Effects When Using Different Sample Preparation Approaches
11:20 -Aimin Tan: How Much Separation for LC–MS/MS Quantitative Bioanalysis?
11:40 -German Gomez-Rios: Can HPLC-MS be Replaced by Direct Coupling of SPME to MS? Investigating Challenging Cases


Session Title: Proteomics (APP 2)

Chairs: Sebastiaan Eeltink and Ying Ge

10:30 -John Yates: Protein-Protein Interaction Studies of Disease Networks
11:00 -Christian G. Huber: Proteome- and Phosphoproteome Analysis of Onkogenic Signaling Pathways
11:20 -Marcel Kwiatkowski: Better Access to Proteoforms by Cold Vaporization of Tissues with Picosecond-Infrared-Laser (PIRL) Ablation
11:40 -Morteza Khaledi: Surfactant-Free Coacervation of Natural Cell Membranes for Facile, Selective Extraction, and Enrichment of Integral Membrane Proteins in Proteomics


Session Title: Separation Mechanisms (YOU 2)

Chairs: Martin Gilar and Terence Hetzel

10:30 -Andrew Alpert: Effect of Salts on Retention of Neutral Solutes in HILIC
11:10 -Sander Deridder: Numerical Study of the Thermal Conductivity of Columns Packed with Fully Porous and Superficially Porous Particles
11:22 -Katarzyna Krzemińska: Dual Retention Mechanism on Stationary Phases with Embedded Polar Group
11:34 -Khac-Long Nguyen: Transport of Molecules of Different Sizes Through Monolithic, Core-Shell and Porous Silica Columns. Effect of Porous Silica Architecture
11:46 -Szymon Bocian: Solvation Processes in Liquid Chromatography - The Importance and Measurement


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