HPLC 2017 Wednesday Morning Sessions


HPLC 2017 Wednesday Morning Sessions

Session Title: Separation Mechanisms and Structural Effects (FUN 9)

Chairs: Torgny Fornstedt and Milos Novotny

08:30 -David McCalley: A Study of the Analysis of Acidic Compounds by Hydrophillic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC)

09:00 -Brett Paul: Another 12 Months Closer to 3D-Printed HPLC Columns

09:20 -Rob Haselberg: The Elution and Ionization Behaviour of Biomolecules in Aqueous SEC–MS

09:40 -Dusan Berek: Retention Mechanisms in LC of Uncharged Synthetic Polymers


Session Title: Biomarker Discovery in Metabolomics (HYP 9)

Chairs: Liang Li and Uwe Karst

08:30 -Michael Lammerhoffer: Lipidomics by Data-Independent Acquisition for Clinical Analysis

09:00 -Thomas Hankemeier: Metabolomics-Enabling Personalized Medicines

09:20 -Georgios Theodoridis: LC–MS/MS-Based Targeted Metabolomics in Biomarker Discovery, and Characterization of Biological and Other Samples

 09:40 - Sophie Bravo-Veyrat: High-Throughput Differential Mobility Soectrometry–Mass Spectrometry for Monitoring Oxidative Stress Markers in Human Whole Blood


Session Title: Recent Advances in (Bio)pharmaceuticals 1 (APP 9)

Chairs: Ian Wilson and Lois Ann Beaver

08:30 -Koen Sandra: 2D LC: From Clone Selection to Detailed Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies and Antibody–Drug Conjugates

09:00 -Jonathan Bones: Manufacturablity Assessment of Monoclonal Antibodies Using Advanced LC–MS

09:20 -Valentina D’Atri: HILIC–MS – A Powerful Analytical Tool for Profiling Glycosylation Patterns of Biopharmaceutical Proteins at the Middle-Up Level

09:40 -Tao Chen: De-Conjugation Coupled with LC–MS for Investigating the Stability of Small Molecule Drugs in Antibody–Drug Conjugates


Session Title: Monolithic Columns (YOU 9)

Chairs: Milton Lee and Jiri Urban

08:30 -Frantisek Svec: Myths about Monolithic Columns: False or True?

09:10 -Beatriz Fresco: Macroscopic Three-Dimensional Carbon Nanohorns Monolith for (Micro)Solid Phase Extraction of Volatile Organic Compounds

09:22 -Alexandra Zatirakha: Preparation and Analytical Application of Novel Anion-Exchangers for Ion Chromatography with Improved Selectivity Towards Organic Acids

09:34 -Benjamin Peters: Variation of Parameters Influencing the Immobilization of Ligands onto Epoxy-Modified Silica Monoliths

09:46 -Martina Komendova: Development of Monolithic Capillary Column with an Integrated Electrochemical Detector for the Determination of Dopamine in Urine



Session Title: Organic Polymer Monolithic and Particular Materials (FUN 10)

Chairs: Frantisek Svec and Sam Wouters

10:30 -Milton Lee: Capillary Column Technologies for Nano-flow Liquid Chromatography

11:00 -Jiri Urban: Polymer Monoliths for the Analysis of Dopamine

11:20 - Jose Manuel Herrero-Martinez: Influence of an Oscillating Magnetic Field for the Separation Performance of Hybrid Monolithic Stationary Phases for HPLC

11:40 - Frederic Matheuse: Possibilities of Advanced 3D Printing to Produce Chromatographic Supports with 1-Micron Resolution


Session Title: MS-Based “Omics” (HYP 10)

Chairs: Karoly Vekey and Alos Svetos

10:30 -Marcos Eberlin: "Chromatography-Free" Characterization of Complex Mixtures by Mass Spectrometry

11:00 -Gunda Koellensperger: Selectivity, Metabolite Coverage and Analytical Throughput - How to Address Conflicting Goals in LC–MS-Based Metabolomics Workflows?

11:20 - Steven Ray Wilson: On-Line Approaches for Enhancing Automation, Robustness and Selectivity in Nano-LC–MS

11:40 - Giorgia La Barbera: UHPLC–QTOF-MS Untargeted Metabolic Profiling to Identify Blood and Urinary Biomarkers after the Consumption of Meat and Dairy Products


Session Title: Recent Advances in (Bio)pharmaceuticals 2 (APP 10)

Chairs: Guowang Xu and Miroslav Flieger

10:30 -Kelly ZhangMultiplexed mLC-nLC for Comprehensive Impurity Profiling: “A Method Development Free” Platform

11:00 -Yun Huang: Leveraging Chromatographic Speed and Efficiency: Integrationa of Analytical SFC into Pharmaceutical Analysis

11:20 - Therese Wohlschlager: Native Mass Spectrometry for the Revelation of Highly Complex Glycosylation in Biopharmaceuticals

11:40 - Balasz Bobaly: Improved Chromatographic Conditions for the Characterization of Antibody–Drug Conjugates


Session Title: SFC and SFC–MS (YOU 10)

Chairs: Didier Thiebaut and Julien Crepier

10:30 -Isabelle Francois: Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC)

11:10 -Mariosimone Zoccali: On-Line Supercritical Fluid Extraction-Supercritical Fluid Chromatography for Carotenoids Determination in Red Habanero Peppers

11:22 -Kanji Nagal: Development of Novel Poly(vinylpyridine)-Based SFC Columns and their Applications

11:34 -Vincent Desfontaine: Influence of Sample Injection Solvent on Peak Shape for the Analysis of Pharmaceutical Compounds in SFC

11:46 -Maria Khalikova: UHPSFC/ESI-MS Lipidomic Analysis of Tissues and Plasma from Kidney Cancer Patients

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