Improve your purification processes with the Spot Prep II system, the highest capacity, the highest versatility and the smallest footprint.


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The Armen Spot Prep II system is the ultimate integrated purification system combining the easiness of use and the needed efficiency of a high end preparative LC. Based on 15 years experience supplying instruments for preparative chromatography applications, Armen Instrument integrates all equipment in one module for more flexible, automated and safer purification with small footprint. The combination of Spot Prep II and intuitive AGP software offers outstanding performance and efficiency for all kind of analytical, semi-prep and prep HPLC or CPC/CCC(*) columns. High-end hardware options adapted to your environment and application are available such as interchangeable pump heads for variable maximum flow rates, fraction collector cover for installation outside a fume hood, quaternary gradient, extended wavelengths for UV/VIS detector, backflush valve and many others unique features.

Developed your own method or use a predefined method, optimized it during the run and let the system work for you !

  • Pumping system : 50 mL/min; 300 bar - 250 mL/min; 230 bar - 500 mL/min; 110 bar
  • Injection : Automated through loop or pump
  • Detection : Dual-wavelength 200-600 nm (or 200-840 nm optional) and Analog input for additional detectors
  • Collection : By time, volume, threshold, local minimum (or a combination)
  • Control : Via AGP software installed on Panel PC with touch screen (USB & LAN plugs)
  • Real-time gradients curves modifications
  • Customize and print out or export purification reports

(*) : Counter-Current Chromatography

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