Improved Approaches for Intact and Middle-Up LC-MS Characterization of Biotherapeutics

Improved Approaches for Intact and Middle-Up LC-MS Characterization of Biotherapeutics

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2022 at 10am EST|7am PST|3pm GMT|4pm CET Chromatographic approaches to intact and middle-up analysis of monoclonal antibodies delving into detailed, more complex strategies for analysis, including ADCs.

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Event Overview:

Monoclonal antibodies are large glycoproteins (approximately 150 kDa) that are utilized for the treatment of various types of cancer and other diseases. They are composed of two light chains and two heavy chains linked through covalent inter-chain disulfide bonds. In addition to their large size, they also contain a degree of heterogeneity arising from glycosylation and other post-translational modifications, which calls for deeper characterization. Broadly speaking, LC–MS (using SEC, RP or HILIC) is a technique that delivers rich molecular and sub-unit information useful to characterize these complex biomolecules. This webinar will cover basic chromatographic approaches to intact and middle-up analysis of mAbs before delving into more detailed and complex strategies for analysis.

Key Learning Objectives:

The engaged audience will learn, upon completion of the webinar:

  • Generalized strategies for intact and middle-up workflows
  • Pros and Cons of alternative chromatographic approaches
  • Detailed SEC and RP methodologies to ascertain intact protein information, sequence confirmation, glycoform distribution, modifications, conjugations, and free thiol content

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone producing biotherapeutic mAbs/ADCs or analytical scientists tasked with characterizing mAbs/ADCs for their development colleagues or customers


Geoffrey Rule
Principle Scientist
Millipore Sigma

After obtaining a BSc in Chemistry, Dr. Rule began working with isotopically labelled compounds to follow biosynthetic pathways in insects by mass spectrometry. Later he did graduate studies in API LC–MS combined with immunoaffinity purification, and later, antibody and oligonucleotide use for point-of-care test development. Dr. Rule has held positions in LC–MS/MS method development and validation in DMPK, GLP, and clinical chemistry laboratories. He has contributed to the development of several pieces of instrumentation and enjoys the innovation process. Since 2011 he has worked with many excellent scientists at ARUP Laboratories, including Dr. Alan Rockwood, and has published several articles on the topic of internal standard use in quantitative mass spectrometry. In 2018, Dr. Rule joined MilliporeSigma as a Principal Scientist and continues research in product development for sample preparation and mass spectrometry applications.

Benjamin Cutak
Principal R&D Scientist
Millipore Sigma

Benjamin holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry with an emphasis on Analytical Chemistry. He is a Principal R&D Scientist in Biomolecular Analytical R&D US (ARD), which is the North American lab operating as a part of the analytical organization known as Site Management-Analytical (SM-A), a corporate Group Function based in Darmstadt. SM-A consists of approximately 250 scientists across 21 different labs each with specialized techniques and expertise. SM-A provides analytical support to meet the needs of the global corporation. While being able to offer general analytical support with a range of techniques, ARD functions as a center of excellence for mass spectrometry and LC–MS. Ben joined MilliporeSigma in 2001 as a Senior Scientist providing analytical support to cell culture product development and custom projects. Over the years Ben has used liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry to deliver both qualitative and quantitative information regarding small molecules and large molecules alike on a wide range of internal and external projects. More recently these efforts have focused on the characterization of antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates.

Times and Date:

Wednesday, November 9th, 2022 at 10am EST|7am PST|3pm GMT|4pm CET



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