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Don?t risk your chromatographic results with an imperfect fit.

Don’t risk your chromatographic results with an imperfect fit.

Only Agilent lamps are designed and built to match Agilent instruments.

Agilent’s certified lamps are manufactured under ISO 9001 certified environment and are fully traceable throughout every step of the production process. Each lamp is then tested to ensure it meets Agilent’s specifications for performance. Test equipment is regularly calibrated using optical standards certified by NIST or PTB.

Better quality and fit ensures maximum accuracy and reproducibility

All lamps are tested for noise and drift specifications, correct operating voltage, light intensity and proper alignment.
Improved coating process increases Agilent 1100/1200 lamp lifetimes up to 50%.
Agilent deuterium lamps are designed with a much narrower aperture providing increased light intensity and decreased noise - translating into an appreciably higher signal-to-noise ratio.
By providing higher sensitivity, Agilent lamps can extend detection capabilities and improve qualification at trace levels - for more than 2,000 hours of use.

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