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LECO?s holistic HRT approach offers ease of operation, sensitivity, confident data generation and continuity in your laboratory. Accuracy, Resolution & Speed are delivered by CITIUS? LC-HRT and Pegasus® GC-HRT ? Without compromise.

Imagine a flexible system with Ultra High Resolution modes at your finger tips, High Mass Accuracy with confidence, full mass range spectra with efficient and High Speed detection. This is not imagination. This is reality with the CITIUS LC-HRT mass spectrometer, truly an instrument worthy of the Gold Award.

High resolving power is essential for separating strong matrix interferences from analytes of interest and allows lower detection limits to be achieved. CITIUS LC-HRT benefits from outstanding Ultra High Resolution (R = 100000) and High Mass Accuracy (www.leco.com

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Toby Astill | Image Credit: © Thermo Fisher Scientific
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