LECO?s TruTOF? GC-TOFMS solution provides analyst?s confidence in their analytical data without compromise. Using exclusive and user-friendly ChromaTOF® software featuring True Signal Deconvolution® enables efficient and easy data acquisition whilst delivering the right results.

LECO’s TruTOF GC-TOFMS is a cost-competitive, Time of Flight (ToF) Mass Spectrometry (MS) instrument in a benchtop design. When challenges for today’s analysts include matrix interferences, co-eluting analytes of interest, complex samples or LTM (Low Thermal Mass) separations, people resources become increasingly precious. Taking advantage of the mass spectral continuity obtained from TruTOF and combining it with LECO’s integrated ChromaTOF software can optimise analytical throughput, increasing laboratory efficiencies.

Analytical efficiency is achieved by the benefit of TruTOF’s data acquisition rates of 80 spectra/second across the full mass range (5 to 1000 u) and data deconvolution. Reliable mass spectral deconvolution & peak assignment relies on the spectral continuity across the chromatographic peak and is the reason ToF-MS is the detector of choice.

LECO’s ChromaTOF software package is world regarded for its flexibility, ease of use and beneficial features including True Signal Deconvolution (TSD). Using one software platform for a fully automated data acquisition and data processing solution also provides the operator with continuity and an organised workspace.

TruTOF has both electron impact (EI) and chemical ionisation (CI) ‘plug-and-play’ ion source options for optimal flexibility in the laboratory. Choosing LECO’s TruTOF GC-TOFMS reduces the analytical load and enables the real challenges in today’s world to be addressed.

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