Monday Afternoon Session: Stationary Phase Design I


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This Monday afternoon session will be chaired by Koji Otsuka of Kyoto University, in Japan.

5C, Monday Parallel Session: Stationary Phase Design I
Room HEC-C, Hilton Exhibition Center, 2nd floor

This Monday afternoon session will be chaired by Koji Otsuka of Kyoto University in Japan.

The session will begin with a presentation by David McCalley of University of the West of England in Bristol, UK, titled “New Developments in Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography.”

Brett Paull of the University of Tasmania in Hobart, Australia, will follow McCalley’s presentation with a talk titled “Combining Mixed-mode and HILIC Based Chromatography in Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Analysis. Single Column and Parallel Column Approaches.”

Following Paull will be Andrea Gargano of the Van’t Hof Institute for Molecular Sciences in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Gargano’s talk is titled “Mucin-based Stationary Phases as Tool for the Characterization of Drug-Mucus Interaction.”

The final talk of this session will be given by David Hage of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska. Hage will speak on “Personalized Medicine by High-Performance Affinity Chromatography: Recent Developments in Affinity Microcolumns and the Analysis of Complex Biological Interactions.”

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