Monday Afternoon Sessions


Monday Afternoon Sessions

Lunch is followed by three fascinating parallel tutorials: David McCalley asks “Is HILIC a viable complementary method for the reversed-phase separation of polar or ionizable compounds?”; Janusz Pawliszyn discusses SPME for liquid-phase separations and Stellan Hjertén reveals the secrets for high-reproducibility, high-recovery and high-resolution in electrophoresis.

Gyula Vigh chairs the session In Memory of Uwe Neue that starts with a talk by Wolfgang Lindner on novel HILIC and HILIC mixed-mode stationary phases followed by Thomas Walter on Uwe Neue’s contributions to HPLC column technology. Martin Gilar follows with peptide retention behaviour in HILIC using a retention prediction model and Tohru Ikegami closes with a new test method for chromatographic characterization of HILIC phases.

Guenther Bonn chairs the session on Stationary Phases for Sample Preparation that includes a keynote lecture by Karl-Siegfried Boos on chromatographic adsorbents and their application in therapy. Valérie Pichon discusses a new selective extraction tool based on sample aptamers for sample preparation, George Horvai presents new findings on isotherm and kinetics of MIPs and Jun Haginaka evaluates monodispersed MOPS for the selective extraction of active compounds and their analogues.

Marja-Liisa Riekkola chairs the session on Electrodriven Methods that starts with a talk by Koji Otsuka on the highly sensitive microscale electrophoretic analysis of biogenic compounds using on-line sample concentration followed by Ferenc Kilar on capillary isoelectric focusing combined with MS detection. H. Stutz describes the application of capillary electrophoresis and John Chin talks about a novel interface for high-speed multidimensional capillary electrophoresis.

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