Monday Morning Parallel Session: HILIC


After the morning break, there will be a session on hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC), with five speakers addressing different aspects of the technique. The session, which runs from 10:30 am to 12:15 pm, will be held in Ballroom D. David McCalley of the University of the West of England, well known as a HILC expert, will kick off the session with a talk on managing deleterious solute interactions with metals in HILIC—and, most likely, with his usual humor.

Brady Anderson of the University of Michigan will follow, addressing the preparation of efficient HILIC capillary microcolumns by ultrahigh-pressure slurry packing. Anderson, who is a member of Bob Kennedy’s research group, is a finalist for consideration of the Csaba Horváth Young Scientist Award.

This will be followed by a talk from Binghe Gu of Dow on the analysis of amines by HILIC. Next, Thomas Walter of Waters will look at the characterization of zwitterionic HILIC columns based on hybrid particles. The session will wrap up with a talk by Jinchuan Yang, also of Waters, on the analysis of aminoglycosides in foods with HILIC–MS.

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Toby Astill | Image Credit: © Thermo Fisher Scientific