Monday Morning Sessions


Monday morning sessions

Monday Morning Sessions

HPLC 2011 kicks off to a great start with a series of keynote lectures chaired by Peter Schoenmakers. Gyula Vigh opens this session with a lecture on a new preparative-scale isoelectrophoretic trapping device and is followed by Guenther Bonn talking about the importance of novel enrichment and separation methods in bioanalysis. Massimo Morbidelli closes this session with a lecture on continuous chromatography (MCSGP) for the purification of therapeutic proteins.

Mark Schure chairs the Particle Technology session that includes a lecture from Fabrice Gritti on the challenges that need to be overcome to develop more efficient columns and technologies. The session closes with a talk by Tivadar Farkas on the performance of commercial HPLC columns made with core-shell sorbent particles.

Klára Valkó hosts the DNA and Biopharmaceuticals session that starts with a talk by Edward Yeung on the electromigration of single protein and DNA molecules in nanopores followed by a lecture on biointeraction analysis by high performance frontal affinity chromatography by Temporini Caterina. An overview of new separation media and methods for plasmid DNA analysis is presented by Michael Laemmerhofer and Frank Tomasella closes the session with a talk on quality by design in the development of an analytical chromatographic method.

The Proteomics session chaired by Robert Kennedy begins with a talk by Barry Karger on the ultra-trace proteomic analysis of 10,000 laser capture microdissection breast cancer cells using 2D LC–MS with a PLOT column followed by Alejandro Cifuentes on the future of foodomics; Sebastiaan Eeltink on the potential of polymer monolithic column technology combined with high-resolution MS to analyse protein isoforms and László Drahos on nanoUPLC–MS–MS to determine glycosylation patterns.

Poster sessions and vendor seminars take place during the lunch break.

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