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ColumnThe Column-06-21-2010
Volume 6
Issue 11

Incognito allows us to see into his little black book of GC facts.

I have a little black book that I have kept since starting my laboratory career (and is, therefore, not so little any longer), which contains useful facts or little known information that I have picked up over the years. Recently, I have been involved in several discussions that suggest some of this information has fallen from common knowledge or has been forgotten. One colleague suggested I publish a sample of tips and tricks from my notebook and invite replies to test this theory. So, this month I present part 1 of a smorgasbord of items that have surprised, helped or been truly revelatory to me during my GC career - I hope you also find them useful, informative or both. I would like to invite you all to reply with comments, corrections or your own ‘killer facts’ and contribute to the ‘Big Book of GC Facts’, which we may collectively publish for the benefit of all GC practitioners ([email protected]).

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