The New Reveleris® iES Flash Chromatography System Simplifying Your Purification Challenges


The new Reveleris® iES Flash Chromatography System simplifies your purification challenges with both chromophoric and non-chromophoric detection and advanced optimization software included as standard.

The award winning Reveleris® flash purification system product range is now expanded with our latest model. The NEW Reveleris® iES flash chromatography system is specifically designed to enable an increase in the speed of isolation of new molecular entities and natural product extracts.Capable of low mg limits of collection enabled by the unique patent-pending RevealX™ technology, you can be sure of high yield recoveries of both chromophores and non-chromophores. The system also offers enhanced solvent management for added safety, security and rapid solvent switching.Also included as standard on the Reveleris® iES model is our new Navigator software which enables you to take data from TLC or HPLC scouting runs to assist in method optimisation. The software’s unique patent-pending advanced algorithm then calculates the best conditions for either speed or purity. It can work with 2 or 3 component TLC or RP HPLC data.The patent-pending RevealX™ technology used on all of the Reveleris® range synchronizes light scattering (ELS) and dual UV detection to overcome the limitations of traditional UV based flash which only detects chromophoric components - missing impurities or potential compounds of interest.All detectors and fraction collector trays are in a single small footprint case with control from an adjustable 30cm touchscreen.

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