New Upchurch Scientific® Very High Pressure Fittings For UHPLC!


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IDEX Health & Science announces the New Upchurch Scientific® Very High Pressure (VHP) fittings for UHPLC applications. The patent-pending design allows the fitting system to be used up to ten assembly cycles with no impact on pressure holding ability or carryover.

The VHP one-piece fittings offer an increased ability to withstand the demanding requirements of today’s Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) instruments, where system pressures can reach (and sometimes exceed) 25,000 psi (1,720 bar). This robust line of products effectively handles system stresses due to the elevated pressures, and offers a selection of options for different applications.

The one-piece design--where the ferrule is permanently attached to the nut--simplifies installation (no “dropped” ferrule), improves efficiency of changeovers and results in reduced system downtime. The proprietary PEEK™ polymer-blend ferrule assures biocompatibility and prevents damage to the tubing or the receiving port. An expanded line of new tightening tools for achieving optimal torque is also available.

Available in several configurations, all three fittings are designed to prevent dead volume, and require low torque to fully tighten, which helps eliminate galling and port damage. In addition, VHP one-piece fittings have excellent performance at elevated temperatures (up to 100 ºC).


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