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Agilent J&W continues their ultra inert innovations with the new DB-35ms Ultra Inert GC column --- a mid-polar column joining the existing apolar columns in the family, DB/HP-1ms and DB/HP-5ms.

Put 40 years of Agilent quality and innovation behind your every separation. Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC columns push the industry standards for consistent column inertness and exceptionally low column bleed, resulting in lower detection limits and more accurate data for difficult analytes. These columns are tested with the most demanding Ultra Inert test probe mixture in the industry, and a performance summary sheet is shipped with each column. So you will see specific proof of performance, and proof of inertness, unique to every column you receive.

New member of Ultra Inert family offers enhanced selectivity

With the addition of this new column to the family, ultra inert performance is available for applications where different (mid-polar) selectivity is needed for enhanced separations, especially important for pesticide analysis and drugs of abuse testing. So chemists can quantify components at a lower level, have broader linearity, and optimize their separation by choosing the right selectivity…ultimately increasing their productivity.

Learn more and download your copy of the Agilent J&W DB-35ms Ultra Inert GC Column flyer now.

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