Personalize your Purification Team with the PLC 2020 Personal Purification System


Gilson introduces a new personal bench top purification system. The PLC 2020 Purification System is ideally suited for low throughput; high pressure purification needs and is intended to support an individual or small group of chemists.

The Gilson PLC 2020 Personal Purification System provides a complete, compact design with interchangeable pump heads for flow rates of 25 mL/min at 4600 psi, 50 mL/min at 2100 psi, and 100 mL/min at 1200 psi. The system is ideally suited for both high pressure reverse phase and normal phase applications with built in selection of up to 5 separate solvents. The system has electronically actuated manual injections of up to 10 mL volumes and variable dual wavelength UV/VIS detection. All fraction collection control and method creation are controlled from an integrated touch-screen display. The intuitive and simple user interface allows even the most novice user to be purifying compounds in minutes.

It's your chemistry … Make it Personal!

  • Dual, variable wavelength UV/VIS detection from 190–700 nm
  • Interchangeable flow cell design to accommodate a wide variety of applications
  • Select between five different solvents
  • Interchangeable pump heads allow the option to select optimum flow range.
  • Real-time, graphical gradient modifications and real-time sample tracking during run
  • Manual fraction collection functions for Advance and Divert
  • Conditional logic fraction collection based on up to two detector channels using any combination of Slope and/or Level
  • Auto-Print and Auto-Export of sample reports at the end of a run

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