Podcast:Controlling Mobile Phase pH for Biochromatography

Podcast:Controlling Mobile Phase pH for Biochromatography

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Optimizing Chromatographic Conditions for Protein Analysis with theACQUITY UPLC H-Class Bio System

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Across the pharmaceutical industry, there is growing emphasis on the development of biopharmaceuticals as the next wave of drugs contributing to human health. In this podcast series, we’ll be discussing how chromatographic analyses of biopharmaceuticals, particularly proteins, compare to the more familiar assays of small molecule drugs and the benefits that UPLC® Technology can offer. The types of assays will be described and the basis for choosing them is considered. We’ll also discuss recent developments in ways to improve an analytical method.

Episode 2: Controlling Mobile Phase pH for Biochromatography
Biopharmaceutical proteins are often best analyzed using ion exchange chromatography. Optimization of the methods has become much more efficient with UPLC Technology. In addition, to the characteristic high resolution separations, the ACQUITY UPLC® H-Class Bio System incorporates Auto●Blend Plus™ Technology for direct adjustment of pH and ionic strength.

Thomas E. Wheat
Principal Scientist
Systems Laboratory
Waters Corporation
Milford, MA, USA


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