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TSKgel® STAT high resolution ion exchange columns

Tosoh Bioscience TSKgel STAT columns feature high performance IEC separations at short analysis time. They are suited for a broad range of applications from research to quality control. Typical examples are the analysis of protein variants in the QC of biopharmaceuticals, monitoring of PEGylation reactions, or analysis of plasmids and DNA fragments.

The TSKgel STAT series offers:

- Short analysis time due to unique nonporous, polymeric resin
- Exceptionally high resolution at moderate pressure
- Suitable for conventional HPLC and UHPLC systems
- High sample capacity through increased density of functional groups
- Q-type anion exchange columns
- SP- and CM-type cation exchange columns

Specific application needs are addressed by offering various column formats and particle sizes: Short 3 mm ID columns packed with ten micron particles are ideally suited for fast and ultrafast analysis, as applied in rapid candidate screening or process monitoring. High resolution separations are achieved by using longer columns packed with smaller beads. The DNA-STAT anion exchange column is optimized for the analysis oligonucleotides and nucleic acids.

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