Removing Uncertainty by Applying Science to SPE


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High quality sample preparation is fundamental in obtaining sensitive and accurate chromatographic separations. The new Thermo Scientific HyperSep SPE Applications Notebook provides you with a 144 page reference guide, which includes technical specifications and protocols to assist you in selecting an appropriate Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) solution for your needs. SPE is one technique for processing samples to concentrate the analyte, remove interfering compounds and transfer the analyte into a solvent more suitable for analysis. Covering the SPE requirements of a broad range of industries and laboratories this Applications Notebook contains pharmaceutical, environmental, forensic and food safety applications.

SPE provides significant advantages over alternative methods; the simplicity of the process and efficiency of extraction giving superior recoveries and sample processing times. The HyperSep SPE Applications Notebook contains information to guide you in selecting the appropriate SPE phase by considering:

Physicochemical properties:
o What are the pH, pKa and solubility Log P of the analyte and your sample?
Selection of the correct SPE bed volume:
o What is the concentration/amount of analyte in your sample?
What is the volume of your sample?

Download the Thermo Scientific HyperSep SPE Applications Notebook at to see how you can enhance your sample preparation.

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