Resetting the standard in LC autosampling


Spark Holland Product Profile

Packed with features, the IntegrityTM autosampler from leading supplier, Spark Holland, has been designed for optimum care of precious samples. Innovative sample barcode identification technology ensures better control of sample tracking – 1D and 2D sample and tray identification codes can be read, filed and linked to sample assay results. Injection performance monitoring verifies that the injection itself has been performed correctly. Integrity even checks for needle obstruction and missing vials before injecting a sample.

Spark’s concept of closed line sampling using pressure assisted sample aspiration directly from vial to valve has been specially developed for handling small samples, carryover and compatibility with UHPLC. A separate needle wash pump for better needle wash and faster injection cycles enable an entire injection-wash cycle in less than 20 seconds. Vial bottom detection facilitates efficient use of available sample volume and the microlitre-pick-up mode reduces sample loss to zero.

Integrity features advanced reagent addition and derivatisation, in addition to integrated online sample prep capabilities. With full software control, and compatible with UHPLC systems up to 120MPa (18,000 PSI), Integrity provides complete flexibility in LC autosampling capability.

Setting a new standard in sample care, the Integrity is the latest addition to Spark’s range of renowned autosamplers – Alias, Optimas and Reliance.

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Toby Astill | Image Credit: © Thermo Fisher Scientific