Setting new Benchmarks for Antibody Analysis

Setting new Benchmarks for Antibody Analysis

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Tosoh Bioscience expands the renowned TSKgel SW series of aqueous size exclusion HPLC columns by three new UHPLC columns, tailored to different aspects of antibody analysis.

Aqueous SEC on silica based stationary phases is state of the art for aggregation analysis. TSKgel G3000SWXL is regarded as the gold standard of antibody SEC columns. In an ongoing approach to adopt stationary phases to the user’s needs, the proven surface chemistry of the TSKgel SW series was used to developed new UHPLC columns.

TSKgel SuperSW mAb HTP – ‘HTP’ for high throughput – was developed to enable easy transfer of HPLC methods based on TSKgel SWXL to fast UHPLC analysis. Small particle size silica beads featuring the same pore size and coating as G3000SWXL are packed in UHPLC column hardware with 4.6 mm inner diameter. This allows for doubling the throughput without compromising resolution between monomer and dimer. Another approach was used in the development of TSKgel SuperSW mAb HR – ‘HR’ indicating high resolution. The SuperSW stationary phase was packed in columns featuring the traditional dimensions for HPLC gel filtration columns of 7.8 mm ID and 30 cm length. This results in superior resolution between fragments, monomers, and aggregates. TSKgel UltraSW Aggregate covers the range of higher molecular weights and provides very good separation of antibody dimers and higher aggregates. It is based on even smaller silica beads with slightly larger pore size.


The new columns are ideally used in UHPLC instruments, even though the columns will not create back pressures exceeding the pressure limits of standard HPLC systems.