SFC Conference 2011 Podcast Series


Live from SFC 2011

This series of interviews with leading speakers at the SFC 2011 conference (July 20-22, New York, NY) captures the key issues, concerns, advances, and solutions in relation to supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC).

Episode 2: Live from SFC 2011: Larry Miller
The role of SFC at Amgen and how it fits in with HPLC, the limitations of the method, and the role of the SFC conference.

Episode 3: Live from SFC 2011: Jeff Kiplinger
Jeff Kiplinger discusses the role of SFC in a contract pharmaceutical discovery laboratory, his work improving the productivity of preparative SFC, with a focus on instrumentation setups.

Episode 4: Live from SFC 2011: Bill Farrell
Bill Farrell talks about his work in developing stationary phases for SFC for use in pharmaceutical R&D.

Episode 5: Live from SFC 2011: Eric Seest
How SFC is used in Lilly’s discovery operations, and his studies of the environmental impact and cost comparisons of SFC and HPLC.

Episode 6: Live from SFC 2011: Mark Hayward
The current state of SFC development, interfacing SFC to various detectors, and the role of SFC for biology studies.

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