Simplifying Nano-Separations for Proteomics


Thermo Product Profile

Chromatographic Excellence at Nano-Scale: Research into critical disease areas, such as cancer and autoimmunity, increasingly focuses on biomarker discovery and advanced proteomics. Central to this research is reliable, dependable separations technology. The Thermo Scientific EASY-Column nano-flow LC columns are packed with the highest purity chromatographic silica, guaranteed to be fully biocompatible and metal free. The EASY-Column™ is a capillary column, designed with a focus on simplicity and strict quality control.

Simple Flexible Design: Compatible with virtually any nano LC system, including the Thermo Scientific EASY-nLCII Nano-LC, the EASY-Column is ideally optimized for use in online LC-MS. One nano-LC column, with two connector kit options for easy and reproducible connections, the EASY-Column will simplify your nano-LC applications.

Quality Control on Every Column: The EASY-Column is manufactured under the most stringent quality control protocols, with rigorous testing carried-out on every single column. The precision cutting and polishing of the column ends and secure connections, ensure that this column has zero dead volume. The EASY-Column provides consistent, reproducible analyte peaks with the minimum peak width and maximum peptide sequence coverage.

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