TOC Gas Generators from Peak Scientific

TOC Gas Generators from Peak Scientific

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Peak Scientific product profile

Peak Scientific's TOC Gas Generators produce up to 1500cc/min of carrier/ combustion gas from your in-house compressed air supply. With many models of TOC Analyzers on the market, Peak Scientific developed two different Products. For NPOC (Non-purgeable organic carbon) we recommend our TOC1500. For the TC-IC process we recommend our TOC1500HP.



•Purity - Clean, dry carbon dioxide free air
•Durable - Few moving parts with minimum maintenance requirements
•Reassurance - Generator performs 24/7, if required
•Mobile - Flexibility to position generator where required, wall- mountable for small labs
•Quiet - Completely silent in operation
•Simple Installation - Generator only needs to be connected to the air source and application
•Economical - More cost effective than any other gas supply method
•Convenient - Gas on demand, no health hazards, no need to worry about running out of gas

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