Tuesday Afternoon Parallel Session: Pharmaceutical Analysis


Today from 3:45 to 6:00 pm, there will be a parallel session titled “Pharmaceutical Analysis,” which will include four talks from experts in the field. This session will be presided over by Todd Maloney of Eli Lilly and Company and Alexandre Goyon of Genentech, Inc. This session will take place in Ballroom D.

The first keynote lecture starts promptly at 3:45 pm and is titled “Next Generation Analytical Collaborations for Next Generation Therapeutics: Academic Partnering to Create a New and Essential Analytical Science Community.” This lecture will be delivered by Peter Yehl of Genentech, Inc.

Next, at 4:15 pm, the second keynote lecture in this session will take place. The title of this lecture is “Process Intensification in the Biopharma Industry: Improving Purification of Therapeutic Peptides through Multicolumn Continuous Countercurrent Preparative Liquid Chromatography.” Martina Catani of the University of Ferrara will deliver this lecture. Chiara De Luca, Simona Felletti, Desiree Bozza, and Alberto Cavazzini of the University of Ferrara, Giulio Lievore of the University of Ferrara, Chromacon, and YMC, Thomas Muller-Spath of Chromacon and YMC, Walter Cabri of the University of Bologna, and Antonio Ricci and Marco Macis of Fresenius Kabi iPSUM are the co-authors of this paper.

Then, at 4:45 pm, a talk titled “New 1.5 mm UHPLC Columns Enable Robust Separations with Increased Sensitivity and Solvent Savings” will take place. Stephanie Schuster of Advanced Materials Technology Inc. will deliver this talk. Peter Pellegrinelli, Conner McHale, Benjamin Libert, and Andrew Harron of Advanced Materials Technology Inc. are the co-authors of this paper.

After that talk, another one takes place at 5:15 and is titled “Analysis of Small Molecules in Complex Mixtures using Compact LC–UV–MS.” Samuel Foster of Rowan University will deliver this talk. Jacob Hellmig, Sangeeta Kurre, Gustavo Moura-Letts, and James Grinias of Rowan University, Xiaofeng Xie and Milton Lee of Brigham Young University and Axcend Corporation, and Raymond West of Axcend Corporation, are the co-authors of this paper.

Finally, the concluding talk will take place at 5:45 pm, which is titled “Unraveling the Complexity of Myozyme Glycosylation at Distinct Structural Levels by HPLC-MS Approaches.” Fiammetta Di Marco of the University of Salzburg will deliver this talk. Therese Wohlschlager, Christian G. Huber, Constantin Bloechl, and Wolfgang Esser-Skala of the University of Salzburg, Tao Zhang and Manfred Wuhrer from the Leiden University Medical Center, and Koen Sandra from the Research Institute for Chromatography, are the co-authors of this paper.

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Toby Astill | Image Credit: © Thermo Fisher Scientific