Tuesday Afternoon Sessions


Tuesday Afternoon Sessions

The Tuesday afternoon sessions kick off with tutorials from Károly Vékey, Stephen Jacobson and Beata Walczak on HPLC–MS, Nanofluidic Devices and Chemometric and Chromatographic Fingerprints respectively.

The final session In Memory of Csaba Horváth chaired by Ernó Tyihák starts with a keynote lecture by Klara Valko on the applications of biomimetic HPLC to estimate in vivo distribution of drug discovery compounds followed by Edouard Bouvier on the rapid ultra-performance of size-based separations of biomolecules. The afternoon concludes with Dell Farnan discussing the use of UHPLC and design of experiments (DOE) to develop high-throughput charge heterogeneity analysis of monoclonal antibodies, and Tibor Kremmer on Hungarians in separation science.

Frantisek Foret chairs the Microfluidics session that begins with a talk by Jorg Kutter on microfabricated carbon nanotube-based separation columns for microchip electrochromatography followed by Salvatore Fanali on the usefulness of monolithic frits obtained with UV-LED polymerization for applications in nano-LC and CEC. Ryo Ishibabshi then discusses the development of pressure-driven chromatography in extended nanochannels and closes with Anikó Kilár on structural analysis of end toxins by microchip and mass spectrometry.

Chemometrics chaired by Paul Haddad starts with Yvan Vander Hayden on experimental design–based methods followed by Gabriel Vivó-Truyols on smart peak detection in comprehensive two-dimensional chromatography, Julien Boccard on a metabolomic approach to extend the steroid profile monitoring for doping control analysis and finally Paul Boswell with a lecture on HPLC retention as an ancillary tool for compound identification.

For full details of speakers go to www.hplc2011.com

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