Tuesday Morning Sessions


Tuesday Morning Sessions

The Tuesday morning programme of HPLC 2011 begins with three parallel sessions: In Memory of Csaba Horváth, Metabolomics and Pharmaceutical Analysis chaired by Georges Guiochon, Károly Vékey and William Hancock respectively.

The session In Memory of Csaba Horváth begins with a biography of this great chromatographer’s achievements by Imre Molnár followed by Ziad El Rassi on a highly hydrophilic monolith for affinity chromatography at reduced nonspecific interactions; Danilo Corradini on the modulation of migration behaviour of biological molecules in capillary electrodriven separation systems and Davy Guillarme on the analysis of peptides and proteins with fused-core UHPLC technologies.

The Metabolomics session includes Robert Kennedy on investigating cellular function using microfluidics and LC–MS-based metabolomics, G.J. de Jong on new CE–MS systems for the analysis of biopharmaceuticals, Michal Holcapek on lipodomic profiling of biological tissues and plasma using off-line 2D LC–MS–MS and Tiziana Pacchiarotta discussing a comprehensive metabolomics approach for urinary tract infection.

Pharmaceutical Analysis starts with Douglas Westerlund on advanced separation techniques in pharmaceutical and bioanalysis, followed by Astrid Gjelstad on electromembrane extraction, Jeroen Peeters on the application of multidimensional chromatography in the pharmaceutical industry and Andre de Villiers on the comparison of off-line, on-line and stop-flow comprehensive two-dimensional LC to analyse phenolic compounds.

The session In Memory of Csaba Horváth continues with a keynote lecture of next-generation biologics by John Frenz, inspirations from Csaba Horváth in biotechnology by Ann Lee and siRNA analysis by UHPLC and MS-related techniques by Rong Xiang. The session closes with Isabelle Gusev on the characterization of PEGs and PEGylated biotherapeutics by electrospray ion-mobility TOF–MS coupled with ion molecule reactions.

A parallel session on Column Technology chaired by Steven Cohen starts with Marja-Liisa Riekkola on new column materials for capillary liquid chromatography and capillary electrochromatography. This is followed by a lecture on capillary titiania monoliths for microextraction of phosphorylated compounds by Maguy Abi Jaoudé and Kazuki Nakanishi on structural approaches to the improved performance of monolithic HPLC columns and Ivo Nischang on porous polymer monoliths for small molecule separations.

The third parallel session on Proteomics chaired by Barry Karger includes W. Hancock on challenges involving separation science in the Human Proteome Project (HPP). Yukui Zhang follows with new separation and identification techniques for proteomic analysis, Tamas Janáky on LC–MS-based label-free quantification of proteins separated by 1D and 2D gel electrophoresis and Iulia Lazar on novel work on proteomics and breast cancer cell cycles.

Poster sessions and vendor seminars take place during the lunch break.

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