Waters NuGenesis® 8


Waters NuGenesis? 8 is a comprehensive data management and workflow solution that combines data repository, E-lab notebook, sample management, laboratories inventories, and e-record lifecycle management to provide easily accessible data.

Waters NuGenesis® 8 featuring Laboratory Execution (LE) Technologies, is a comprehensive data management and workflow solution that supports the entire product lifecycle from discovery through manufacturing. This user-centric platform encompasses NuGenesis Scientific Data Management System (SDMS), a compliant-ready data repository, and NuGenesis Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), a flexible analytical electronic laboratory notebook.

• NuGenesis SDMS automatically captures and catalogs diverse data generated by instruments, scientists, and outside sources into a centralized data repository.

• NuGenesis ELN is an analytical electronic laboratory notebook that allows laboratories to document observations, control procedures, exchange information with other software solutions, and easily find and collaborate on scientific results.

NuGenesis 8 provides a synergy of information management technologies unlike anything available in the market today. Capabilities such as sample management, laboratory inventories, data retention and legal hold, and electronic laboratory execution methods, allow NuGenesis 8 to connect the scientific data from your laboratories to the business systems of your organization more effectively than ever before.

With tens of thousands licenses sold around the world, NuGenesis 8 is helping leading pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, and environmental companies gain a deeper insight into their scientific challenges, facilitate rapid decision-making, and achieve better business results faster.

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