Workshop on What’s Next in Ion Mobility Spectrometry


Over the last decade, there have been significant advancements in the technology development of ion mobility spectrometry (IMS). Commercial IMS platforms with high-resolution separation capabilities are now available from several different vendors. Today's instrumentation is more flexible than previous iterations, allowing the user to control resolving power, by adjusting the length or time of the separation, to suit the needs of the experiment. In this workshop, led by Kelly Hines of the University of Georgia and Xueyun Zheng of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, speakers will look to the future of IMS to explore potential new applications unlocked by today's IMS instruments, as well as new ion mobility technologies that are being developed. They will then open the session for discussion on the directions and challenges that IMS users envision will emerge in the next decade.

This workshop will be held in Room 200 HI from 5:45 pm to 7:00 pm CST.

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Toby Astill | Image Credit: © Thermo Fisher Scientific