The Xevo Family


Waters designed every component of The Xevo? Family with Engineered Simplicity? in mind.

Waters designed every component of The Xevo™ Family with Engineered Simplicity™ in mind.

Both Xevo QTof MS and Xevo TQ MS deliver the high performance, versatility, and accessibility you need for either detailed characterization or accurate quantification. And both are perfectly matched with ACQUITY UPLC® making your laboratory performance truly unparalleled.

Xevo QTof brings greater simplicity to every step of your analytical workflow. With its patented MSE technology, you can collect the maximum amount of data from a single analysis in total confidence. You’ll also have a comprehensive digital record of your sample, giving you quick and easy access to reproducible, high-quality exact mass information – routinely.

Xevo TQ optimizes your throughput and efficiency without sacrificing quality. You can run more samples per day, and look at more compounds in a single analysis. You can target very specific compounds, and with ScanWave™ Technology, you can see the whole picture at the same time.

Choosing between Xevo QTof MS and Xevo TQ MS is based on your laboratory's unique needs. But you'll never have to choose between simplicity and performance. Whatever your laboratory needs are, The Xevo Family delivers the high performance you expect. Only from Waters.

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