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Absolute Molecular Weight Determination of Natural Polymers Using ShodexTM OHpakTM LB-806M and MALS Detection

Shodex™ has successfully developed the LB-800 columns which are suitable with MALS detection. The columns are well suited to provide signal at low concentration with low molecular weight standards.

New Shodex™ OHpak™ LB-800 HQ GFC Columns for Low Baseline Noise MALS Analysis

Shodex™ has SB-800 HQ series for the analysis of water-soluble molecules and for the determination of molecular weight distribution.

Shodex™ OHpak SB-806 HQ SEC Multi-Faceted Analysis of Exosome (EV) Combination of UV, Florescence, and Light Scattering Detectors

This technical article introduces an example of multi-faceted analysis and monitoring of an EV sample purification process using a SEC column, Shodex™ OHpak SB-806 HQ, with 3 different detectors.

Purification and SEC/MALS Analysis of Norovirus Virus-Like Particles Comparison Using the ShodexTM OHpak SB-805 HQ

When selecting a suitable analytical SEC column, not only the analytical range for the fractionation, but adsorption of the target compounds, which influences the quantification and yield, should also be considered.

Analysis of Long-Chain Oligo-DNA with the Shodex™ VN-50 2D HILIC Column v2

Longer chain oligonucleotide therapeutics are more prevalent. The VN-50 2D column successfully separated 10-mer to 50-mer oligonucleotides without ion-pairing.

LC-MS Analysis of Various Non-modified and Modified Oligonucleic Acids using the Shodex™ HILICpak™ VN-50 2D

Phosphorothioated oligonucleotides were successfully separated with the VN-50 2D without ion-pairing and a simple acetonitrile/ammonium formate gradient.