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Analysis of Long-Chain Oligo-DNA with the Shodex™ VN-50 2D HILIC Column v2

Longer chain oligonucleotide therapeutics are more prevalent. The VN-50 2D column successfully separated 10-mer to 50-mer oligonucleotides without ion-pairing.

LC-MS Analysis of Various Non-modified and Modified Oligonucleic Acids using the Shodex™ HILICpak™ VN-50 2D

Phosphorothioated oligonucleotides were successfully separated with the VN-50 2D without ion-pairing and a simple acetonitrile/ammonium formate gradient.

Comparison of Shodex™ VN-50 1D and VN-50 2D Column Sensitivities

The semi-micro VN-50 1D column contributed to lower diffusion and increased resolution and S/N ratio, necessary for highly sensitive QC analyses of oligonucleotide therapeutics.

LC-MS Analysis of Oligonucleic Acids with Chemically Modified Ribose Sugars on the Nucleic Acid

The elution patterns of oligo-RNA having ribose modified with 2'-MOE and non-modified oligo-RNA were separated successfully without the use of an ion-pair reagent using the Shodex™ VN-50 2D column.