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Molecular weight profiling of oligonucleotides

Combining high-resolution size exclusion chromatography columns with highly sensitive MALS detection characterizes oligonucleotides and structurally-related impurities.

Top 10 Tips for Selecting HPLC Column Chemistry and Dimensions

***Live: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 11am EDT | 8am PDT | 3pm GMT | 4pm CET*** In this webcast we will provide our top 10 tips for selecting HPLC columns. We will consider everything from analyte-stationary phase interactions, to solid support materials, and how column dimensions can impact separations; and everything in between! *** On demand available after final airing until Mar. 31, 2021.***

Rapid Analysis of Plasmid Topoisomers

AEX using a TSKgel® DNA-NPR column offers a rapid method for discriminating between covalently closed circular, open circular, and linear forms of plasmid DNA.

Biopharmaceutical Analysis Focus 2020: A Virtual Symposium

***Live Dates:Day 1, Wednesday, November 18, 2020 9am–11:30am EST | 2pm – 3:30pm GMT | 3pm-4:30pm CET Day 2, Thursday, November 19, 2020 9am–11:30am EST | 2pm – 3:30pm GMT | 3pm-4:30pm CET ***Biopharmaceutical analysis is a fast-paced and constantly evolving field, and chromatographers play a pivotal role. This two-day virtual event, focusing on cutting-edge trends, has been organized by The Chromatographic Society (“ChromSoc”) in collaboration with LCGC and features talks from top analytical chemists working in biopharmaceutical analysis.***On demand available after final airing until Nov. 19, 2021***