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Analytical Methods for the Characterization of AAVs: A Modern Perspective

MALS detection coupled with AEX chromatography can aid in the characterization of AAVs.

A Modern Perspective in Analytical Methods for the Characterization of AAVs

Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) have recently gained significant attention in the field of gene and cell therapy. In this podcast, an overview of chromatography techniques for the characterization of AAVs will be discussed by Dr. Phu Duong. The discussion will highlight the most versatile and powerful detection technique to accurately characterize AAVs that is easy to adapt and implement.

Sensitive Quantification of AAVs/AAV Impurities

Determine down to 8x10^9 AAV capsids and separate impurities of AAV samples by separation using a mixed-bed SEC column & highly sensitive MALS detection.