LCGC Europe-04-01-2004

This article describes the pros and cons of pSFC–MS and attempts to demonstrate its broad applicability to such fields as high-throughput analysis, purity assessment, structure characterization and purification. It concludes with a look at the potential of the technique in the future of analytical drug discovery.

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LCGC Europe

April 01, 2004

This month's column examines the basic measurements of a peak's size and shape for the purposes of assessing and monitoring chromatographic separations over a period of time.

In the first of a two-part series, Ron Majors examines new column introductions at Pittcon with special attention to high performance liquid chromatography columns and packings for reversed-, normal- and bonded-phase; ion exchange; ion and size-exclusion chromatography. He also considers speciality HPLC columns.

Following on from a previous instalment, this month's column assesses evaporative light-scattering detection as a complementary detection mode and builds upon the previous discussion in terms of detector applications.