Agilent Acquires Polymer Standards Service (PSS)

ColumnSeptember 2022
Volume 18
Issue 9
Pages: 8

Agilent Technologies (California, USA) has announced the acquisition of Polymer Standards Service GmbH (PSS) (Mainz, Germany). Known for their polymer characterization solutions, PSS provides complete solutions for gel permeation chromatography (GPC) and size-exclusion chromatography (SEC), which are used in applications to determine the molecular weight and size distribution of macromolecules.

The acquisition represents an extension of Agilent’s product portfolio in the chemical and biopharmaceutical industries, particularly in the analysis of natural and synthetic polymers such as nucleic acids, proteins, monoclonal antibodies, polysaccharides, and synthetic plastic.

“We’re extremely pleased to have the PSS team join Agilent to help us expand our leadership in liquid chromatography and the GPC/SEC market,” said Jacob Thaysen, President, Agilent Life Sciences and Applied Markets Group. “The advanced PSS hardware, software, columns, and reference materials we’re adding to our portfolio will enhance our offerings and ensure we deliver the broad spectrum of LC equipment, GPC/SEC analytics, and software our customers value.”

Agilent expects to be able to use its global presence to expand the use of PSS products and expertise more widely. Agilent customers in the chemical, biopharmaceutical, and other key segments will now also be able to take advantage of PSS technology more broadly because of Agilent’s strong global presence in those markets.

“This is a very strategic move for PSS and Agilent,” said Thorsten Hofe, Managing Director at PSS. “Together we can provide our customers with a full range of GPC and LC products and extend the reach of PSS products into new, fast-growing markets. It’s an exciting time for the PSS team.”

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