Agilent Appoints New CEO


Agilent announces the appointment of Padraig McDonnell as CEO-elect and chief operating officer (COO), succeeding the incumbent President and CEO, Mike McMullen.

In a move poised to shape the future trajectory of Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A), the company has announced the appointment of Padraig McDonnell as CEO-elect and chief operating officer (COO), succeeding the incumbent President and CEO, Mike McMullen, who will retire. This significant leadership transition marks a pivotal moment for the well-known analytical and clinical laboratory technologies giant, headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

McDonnell, who is currently serving as the president of the Agilent CrossLab Group (ACG), will assume the role of president and CEO and join Agilent’s Board of Directors, effective May 1st. With nearly 40 years of dedicated service to Agilent and its predecessor Hewlett-Packard Co., McMullen will continue to serve as CEO and board member until the transition date. Subsequently, he will transition into an advisory role until his retirement on October 31st.

Koh Boon Hwee, chairman of Agilent’s Board of Directors, expressed confidence in McDonnell's capabilities, citing his successful tenure within Agilent. McDonnell has spearheaded exceptional growth in Agilent’s Services business and played a pivotal role in enhancing our customer’s experience, solidifying his reputation as a transformative leader within the organization.

McDonnell's ascent to the CEO role underscores Agilent’s commitment to continuity and growth. His extensive industry experience, coupled with a proven track record of driving innovation and profitability, positions him as a natural successor to McMullen. Under McMullen's leadership since 2015, Agilent witnessed substantial market capitalization growth, a testament to his strategic vision and operational prowess.

Reflecting on his forthcoming role, McDonnell expressed enthusiasm for the opportunity to lead Agilent into its next phase of development. He acknowledged McMullen’s mentorship and pledged to uphold Agilent’s legacy of innovation and customer-centricity.

Amidst these changes, Angelica Riemann will assume the role of ACG president, while Jonah Kirkwood will step into the position of chief commercial officer. Both will report directly to McDonnell, underscoring Agilent’s commitment to fostering internal talent and organizational continuity.

As Agilent embarks on this new chapter, McDonnell envisions a future brimming with possibilities and opportunities to further empower customers in their scientific achievements.

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